Welcome to Historic Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights Historic District Committee

The Morningside Heights Historic District Committee was formed 20 years ago to preserve Morningside Heights through local historic district designation.

Situated between two scenic landmarks (Morningside and Riverside parks), Morningside Heights is a historically and architecturally rich and diverse neighborhood. It is notable for the highest density of early-20th-century middle-class apartment buildings in all of New York City constructed in a short period of time and it contains the greatest concentration of historic institutions of higher learning of any neighborhood in the United States. In addition, Morningside Heights has distinctive natural boundaries that are defined by an elevated plateau bordered by two Olmsted-designed parks.

In recent years Morningside Heights has been subject to out-of-scale development that has undermined its distinct sense of place. Historic district designation will ensure that both new building construction and redevelopment of existing buildings be undertaken in a manner that respects neighborhood context and character.

Won’t you join us in preserving this highly significant neighborhood?

Please let the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission know by signing ourĀ online petition.